Exporting 3D File Formats

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Currently, Compass can export cave data in three different 3D formats. These are the AutoCad DXF format, ESRI Shape files and VRML Files.


DXF Files. DXF files were originally designed to exchange data with AutoCAD programs. Since AutoCAD is so widely used, DXF files can be imported by virtually every drawing and CAD program.


Shapefiles. Shapefiles files were original designed by ESRI for use in their GIS program such as ArcView and ArcInfo. They are widely used GIS programs.


VRML. VRML is an open standard used to distribute 3D modeling information across the Internet. As a result, it can be used to create 3D displays that can be viewed on virtually any browser. VRML files can also be viewed on a variety computer without using a browser.


To export one of these formats select the “File|Export 3D Formats” from the menu bar. This will take you to the 3D Exporter. Detailed information on 3D file formats and exporting 3D Files can be found in the help menu for the 3D Exporter.