Flying Through An Image

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One of the more interesting effects that CaveX is capable of is “flying” through the image. CaveX views the world through an imaginary "camera." Flying through the image involves moving the camera through scene. This different from the normal pan, zoom and rotate operation which are accomplished by moving the image rather than the camera.


Mouse Buttons. By holding down the middle mouse button (or both right and left), moving the cursor up screen "flies" the camera closer to the image. Likewise, moving the cursor down the screen moves the camera further from the image. Moving the cursor left or right moves the camera left and right moves the camera left and right. These motions give the impression flying around the objects in the scene.


Going Through Objects. As you fly very close to an object, you will notice that parts of the object will seem to disappear. This is because parts of the object are protruding through the imaginary lens of the camera. Remember that you can reposition and rotate the object on the screen using the other mouse buttons. Once, you get good at manipulating the mouse buttons, you can easily fly around and through any object.