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The Cave-X Viewer is a COMPASS program that uses OpenGL technology to display realistic three-dimensional models of caves. Because of the high-speed capabilities of OpenGL and the CaveX, the viewer can perform smooth real-time animations of relatively large and complex cave models. In addition, the program can shade and texture the cave giving the passage a smooth rock-like appearance. OpenGLS capable of taking advantage of the hardware acceleration that is available on the newest video cards.


Features. The program has many powerful and sophisticated features that allow you to manipulate solid 3D objects in a variety of ways. Not only can it read cave files, it can apply textures, backgrounds, colors, and animate the objects.


Meshes. The Viewer works by displaying 3D meshes. A mesh consists of a series of points that define the corners of flat faces.




The purpose of a mesh is to create an image of an object. For example, you can create the image of a cube by specifying a mesh with eight points in it. You can also have much more complicated meshes that create all kinds of real world objects such as cars, planes, houses, people and even caves.




Cave Surveys. CaveX can convert cave survey data into meshes that match the three-dimensional shape of the cave passages. In this way, it can display a realistic image of the size and shape of a cave. In addition, CaveX can fill, smooth, color, texture, highlight and shadow the passages to make them look more realistic. It can even animate an object by moving or spinning it.