Tool Bar Controls

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There are 16 items on the CaveX tool bar. These items allow you to control and manipulate the 3D images. Here is a complete description of each item.




1. Zoom In/Out Buttons. These two buttons make the image appear bigger or smaller. They work by moving closer or further away from the cave.


2. Pan Buttons. These are the "arrow" buttons and they move the image up, down, right and left.


3. Yaw, Pitch and Roll  Buttons. These buttons rotate the image. The yaw buttons rotate the image around the vertical axis. Pitch button tips the top of the image toward and away from the person looking at the image. Roll spin the cave like turning a faucet.


4. Increment Control. This controls the percentage of change that happens when each button is pressed. Increasing the number causes larger changes. Decreasing the number causes smaller changes. For example, if the value is 10, each time you press the Zoom button, the image expands by 10%.


5. Reset Scale Button. This button resets the pans, zooms and rotates to their original values.


6. Animate and Stop Buttons. These two buttons allow you animate the image on the screen. Click Here for more information on animations.


7. Capture Button. This button controls the capture of images for movie files. Click here for more information about capturing animations.