Shot Flags

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Flags are a means of controlling the way in which individual shots are handled by the software. Generally, flags allow you to exclude certain shots from various kinds of processing. Each flag has a letter associated with it. Each shot can have up to three flags attached to it. To set a flag, you enter the letter corresponding to the action you want. Here is a list the flags:


L - Exclude A Shot From Length Calculations. This flag excludes the shot’s length from being added to the calculated total length of a cave. This is useful for preventing surface surveys or redundant surveys from increasing the length of a cave.


P - Exclude A Shot From Being Plotted. This flag excludes the shot from being plotted. The shot is processed normally in every other respect, except that it is not sent to the plot file. This can be used for creating plots that don't include things like surface surveys.


C - Exclude A Shot From Closure. This flag excludes the shot from any adjustments during the loop closure process. This means that compass-angle, length and inclination will not be adjusted by the Loop Closer. The flag is only used by the Loop Closer. The shot is processed normally in every other respect. This is used to lock down high-accuracy surveys, so that they don't get changed or degraded by the closure process. This can be used for theodolite or other precision surveys.


X - Total Exclusion. This flag excludes a shot from any processing. It is as though the shot doesn't exist and it is ignored by all Compass operations. This is useful for things like breaking defective loops and excluding redundant data.