Linking DEMs to a Cave

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The linking operation allows you to connect elevation data to a particular cave. As a part of this process, you can also trim additional points from the surface, save the surface data to a file and manually edit the data. (Before, you can link surface data to a cave, you must have a COMPASS plot (*.PLT) file for the cave. You can do this by compiling the cave with the COMPASS Project Manager or Compiler.)


Selecting A Segment Of Terrain. Before you can use the DEM data with a cave, you must to select a portion of the DEM that includes the area around the cave. You do this using the mouse. You do this the same way you zoomed in. Just press the left mouse button and drag. A box will form on the screen. By dragging different places, you can create boxes of different size and shapes. In this way, you select any terrain you want.


Link Window. Once you have selected a part of the terrain, press “Link” button. This will take you to the "Cave To Surface Linker." The program will now display the selected terrain in a special contoured format. This may take a few seconds to display as the program scans through the DEM file to locate the data in the box.


Pages. The Cave To Surface Linker consists of two pages, a "Map" page and a "Actions/Parameters" page. Here is a detailed description of the operation you can perform in the Linker:


1. Viewing The Map Data.

2. Saving/Restoring The Data.

3. Manual Editing.

4. Merging Surface Data with Cave Data.