Setting Base Locations

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A Base Location is used to specify the general location of the cave or caves in a project. It is different from the Fixed Stations locations that are used to define the location of entrances, radio locations or other positions within a cave system. Fixed station locations generally have to be specified with an accuracy of less than a meter in order to cause closure errors between fixed points. Also, fixed locations can use a local coordinate system. For example, you could use the distance from landmark to specify entrance locations.


The Base Location must be a geographic location specified in either Longitude/Latitude or UTM. It is generally used to calculate magnetic declinations for surveys. Since it refers to the cave or cave system as a whole, it does not need be precisely accurate.


Setting The Base Location. Base Locations can only be used with Projects, not with individual data files. To set the Base Location, highlight the "MAK" file in the Project Tree and then press the "Set Base Location" button on the Tool Bar, or select the "Edit|Set Project Location" from the menu bar. This will display the Geographic Calculator/Editor. You simply enter the Longitude, Latitude or UTM coordinates of the cave system.