Intrinsic State Dialog

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The Intrinsic State dialog allows you to see how the Compiler see the most recent code declarations. It contains information about what intrinsics have been defined and what prototypes may have been included. To access the Intrinsic State Dialog, select the "Debug->Intrinsic State" option from the menu bar.




The dialog show a list of each intrinsic that has been defined in the code declaration. Here is a description of each field.


Name. This is the name of the intrinsic. If this field is blank, no intrinsic has been assigned to that number.


Type Check. This indicates whether any prototype information has been included with the specific intrinsic. If the value is "Yes," it indicates that the prototype information has been included and the intrinsic arguments can be tested for the correct type and number.


Return Type. If the intrinsic is a function that returns a value, this field indicates the data type of the value.


Arg Types. This is a list of the data types for each argument in the intrinsic's parameter list. This information allows the compiler to check that each intrinsic call has the right number arguments and that each argument is the right data type.