Trouble Shooting

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You may encounter problems when you try to run or create programs. This is often the result of a problem with the operating system or an external program. Here is a list problems you may encounter.


1. Cannot Create A Stand-alone-Program. This problem is typically caused by antivirus programs. When EXPL creates a stand-alone-program, it builds the program from a stub executable file that contains all the support code to run the program. When an antivirus program sees the EXPL modifying the stub-file, it thinks EXPL is trying to infect the file, blocks the modification and deletes the file.


If this is happening, you will press the "Stand-Alone Program" button and nothing will happen. If look in the directory where the source file is, there will be no corresponding "exe" file or, at least, it will disappear quickly.


To solve the problem, you have to excluded file, the directory or EXPL from scrutiny by the antivirus program. How you do this varies depending on the antivirus program. Here are instruction for setting exclusions in Norton: