Breaking Survey Loops

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This option causes the compiler to break all loops at the closing shot. This allows you to see the visual effects of loop errors.


Details. When you survey a loop, the errors accumulate as you go around the loop and thus there can be a large error when you get back to the starting station. In effect, this gives you two locations for the starting station. Normally, the compiler ignores the second location except to calculate the loop error. (If the loop has been closed, there is no error and is no second location.)


When you enable the "Break Loops" option, the compiler generates two versions of the starting station. To help you identify the second station, it will be enclosed in square brackets "[]". For example the second station name for A1 would be [A1].


The “Break Loops” option is useful for analyzing loop errors. For example, if a loop error is due to a mis-tied shot, breaking the loop may allow you to see which station is the best alternative connection. (A more complete method of finding mis-tied shots is available in the Blunder detection features.)


Notes. In order for this option to be useful, you must not close the cave. If you do close the cave, the starting and ending stations will be in the same place. Also, since the option is only used for error analysis, you cannot save the option as a default.