Post Processing Options

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When the Project Manager processes data, the Compiler and Loop Closer exit immediately after processing is complete. This is because most of the time you just want to process and view the cave. However, the Project Manager gives you the option of having the Compiler or Loop Closer to selectively pause after it has processed data. This way you can view the final information on the progress screen (Loop Closer or Compiler) to look for clues about problems.


You have three options for both the Compiler and Loop Closer:


1. Don't Pause. This option causes the Compiler and Loop Closer to run without pausing. Even if the programs detect an error, processing will continue and the cave will be displayed. This is the normal mode of operation, since most errors are minor and all you want to do is view the data.


2. Pause On Error. When this option is set the Compiler or Loop Closer will pause at the end of processing only if they detect an error. You would probably use this mode when you are working with newly entered data. This way, you can analyze any error messages that occur during processing.


3. Always Pause. This option causes the Compiler or Loop Closer to pause even if there is no error. This is option is useful if you want to unconditionally view the Progress Screen at the end of processing.