Page-1: Find Blundered Loops

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The first page in the Blunder Location Window allows you locate loops that may have a blunder in them. The page shows a list of each loop in the cave and detailed information about the errors in each loop. This tells you which loops have large survey errors that need further analysis.


Once you have chosen a loop for further analysis, you highlight the loop in the list and press the "Analyze Loop" button. The program will then analyze the loop, looking for clues that can tell exactly where the error might be. This information is displayed in the remaining pages of the tool.

Each page uses a different method to zero in on the exact place there blunder might be. Here is more detailed information about each page:


Page-2: Find Blundered Shots,

Page-3: Multi-Loop Intersects

Page-4: Bad Tie-Ins.



It is often useful to make changes to the data while you are trying to fix blunders. To make it easier, you can press the "Edit Survey" button and Compass will open the Editor on file and survey where the closing shot occurred. Since a loop may span surveys, the survey opened may not contain all the shots in the loop you want to edit. On the other hand, all the shots will probably be in the same file, so you can always open a different survey while the Editor is open.

Once you've made your changes, simply save the file without closing the Editor, then press "Compile" button in the Blunder dialog and you will see if your changes have improved the errors.


Details The Find Blundered Loops page is divided into three sections:


1. Overall Quality

2. Loop List

3. Loop Search