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COMPASS Download Page How To Get A Copy Of COMPASS

COMPASS is a shareware product. You can try it out free. If you like it and want to use it, you must register. If you don't like it, then don't use it and pay nothing.

Registration. Forms and Options
Registration is inexpensive. The basic Windows package is only $25 for individual registration. Full CD-Rom version which includes all COMPASS programs and more than 200 megabytes of auxiliary data is only $50.
COMPASS Downloads Menu.     Download & Installation Troubleshooting
Downloadable Files. File Dates
The files in the following table are fully function functional, complete versions of all COMPASS programs. To download the files, simply click on the appropriate links. Since Compass is updated frequently between major releases, the file dates to the right of each link represents the latest enhancements and bug fixes. The dates are produced dynamically via a java script. This may not work properly in some browser and produce warning messages in others.
 Core COMPASS Programs
COMPASS for Windows DEM Reader for Windows
This is the basic cave surveying package. It contains everything you need to enter, edit and view cave survey data. This program allows you to read USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files and generate surface models over your caves. You can also enter elevation data manually for areas outside the United States or places where DEM files are unavailable.
Cave-XO 3D Cave Viewer COMPASS Database Program
This is an enhanced viewer that produces very realistic passage models. It  also allows you to do real-time, movie-like fly-throughs of the cave. This is an OpenGL version of the the 3D Viewer. It is the only version that will work on Windows Vista, Windows-7 and Windows 8. It also works Windows XP. This program allows you to create databases of features found in and around a cave system. You can then mark, highlight or label these in the Viewer. Requires that the Borland Database Engine be installed on your computer
Cave-X 3D Cave Viewer - Printable Compass Manuals
For XP Only. This is an enhanced viewer that produces very realistic passage models. It  also allows you to do real-time, movie-like fly-throughs of the cave. Requires DirectX version 6.0 or better. Note: this version only works with Windows XP and Win98. It is provided for people who need the old version. Unless you have specific reason to use this version, you should use the Cave-XO version listed above. This is a zip file with Manuals for all the main programs in Compass. The files are in Microsoft Word Format and they can be displayed or printed from Word Pad, which is installed in all versions of Windows.
Sketch Map Editor SVG Exporter
This is the Editor Used for editing, trimming, scaling and morphing scanned images of your survey sketches. It is used match the scale and rotation of your finished maps so the sketch maps can be easily traced. The SVG Exporter handles SVG export, Round-Tripping, Morphing, Map Scaling and adjustment. This enables you to generate finished maps in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. It also allows you to adjust and repair those maps as new data is taken.
MapToDat Converter

PltToDat Converter

This program is designed to help you reconstruct survey data from a paper map when the original survey data is lost or unavailable. The program turns the tedious task of measuring angles and lengths with protractors and passage rulers, into a simple operation of clicking on the survey stations in the image.

The PltToDat converter, allows you to convert a Compass plot file (*.plt) to a Compass Project File (*.mak) and set of Compass data files (*.dat). This is useful when the original data files have been lost but there is still a PLT file available.

SDTS Converter GTFViewer
An improved SDTS-to-DEM converter. It is much faster than other converters and is able convert corrupted SDTS files The viewer for GeoTiff files that allows you to load topomaps or aerial photographs into COMPASS.
Third-Party Programs
  • Auriga - Auriga is a program that allows cave data to be entered, edited and plotted on any Palm, hand-held computer. Auriga data can be imported into Compass.
  • ArcExplorer. ArcExplorer is a free viewer that is available from ESRI. It allows you to view Shapefiles and many other data types including maps, images and aerial photograph.
  • ArcView 60-day Trial. ArcView is the main GIS product from ESRI. This 60-day trial version allows you to experiment with cave data and GIS.
Support Downloads
Borland Database Engine DirectX
(6Meg) The Borland Database Engine must be loaded on your computer in order to run the CaveBase cave database programs. This is version 5.2, the 32-bit version:  The CaveX Viewer requires that you have DirectX 6.0 installed on your computer. Versions of Windows earlier than Windows ME will require that you upgrade:
Legacy Programs Instructions and Tips
Compass for DOS and Compass for Windows 3.1 are only available on the Compass CD-Rom. Click Here for more information.
Three-D Glasses

So that everyone can use the 3D mode, I have purchased a supply of inexpensive red-blue glasses. Anyone, who registers COMPASS will receive a free pair of glasses. Previously registered COMPASS users can purchase four pair for $5.00.


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