Project Manager Window
Tool Bar
Project Manager Overview
Getting Started
Organizing Cave Data
Terminology and Conventions
Step-By-Step Instructions
Step-By-Step, Create Single Data File
Creating New Projects With The Project Wizard
Step-By-Step, Edit/View Single Data File
Step-By-Step, Edit/View Project
Using COMPASS With Windows
Building Surveys and Projects
Using Windows Folders/Directories
Choosing Filenames
Data Files
Working With A Single Data File
Creating Survey Files
Running Programs Manually
Processing And Displaying Data
Project Files
Creating Project Files
Linking Survey Files
Working With Survey Projects
Node Icons
Selecting A Node
Expanding And Collapsing The Tree
Showing Surveys
Inserting New Nodes
Renaming Files
Editing Nodes
Deleting Nodes
Drag And Drop
Finding An Item In The Tree
Modified Flag
Opening An Existing Project
Creating A New Project
Saving A Project
Save Project As
Creating An Empty Project
Node Editor
Selecting A File
Entering Node Comments
Using The Path
Importing Files
Creating Fixed Stations Step-by-step
Zone Crossing
Geographic Fixed Stations
Fixed Stations As Loop
Viewing Geo-referenced Coordinates
Entering Links
What Are Links?
Carrying Links Across Files
Mixed Linked And Unlinked Files
Entering Links Into The Grid
Closing Loops Across Separate Data Files
Other Uses For Links
Manual Linking Multi-File Surveys
Deleting Non-Essential Files
Backup Files
Closed Data Files
Sub-Plot Files
The Main Plot File
Inserting A New File
Creating A New Data File
Manipulating Surveys And Files
Opening Files
Moving Surveys Inside A File
Copying Surveys Between Files
Renaming Surveys
Deleting Surveys
Searching For Surveys
Viewing Surveys
Sorting By Date
Saving Surveys
Clearing A List
Copying or Moving Surveys From Several Files
Creating New Files
Undoing Changes To Files
Merging Files
Copying Projects
Manipulating Windows File and Folders
Node Icons
Creating New Surveys
Deleting Non-Essential Files
Backup Files
Sub-Plot Files
The Main Plot File
Editing Surveys
Processing And Viewing Cave Data
Processing Options
Project Status
Data Files (".DAT") and Plot Files (".PLT")
Cave Statistics
Exporting Statistics
Searching Statistics
The Data Summary
Closure Errors
Loop Stations
Duplicate Shots
Station Coordinates
Excluded Stations
Suspended Stations
Survey Information
Yearly Statistics
Sorted Surveys
Station Sequences
Custom Export
Closure Summary
Shot Information
Closure Information
Back-Sight Agreement
Processing Without Viewing
Understanding Survey Errors
Random Errors
Systematic Errors
The Accumulation Of Survey Errors
Locating Bad Loops
Blunder Signatures
Locating Individual Blunders
Locating Blunders and Gross Errors
Page-1: Find Blundered Loops
Overall Survey Quality
The Loop List
Searching For Loops
Page-2: Find Blundered Shots
Page-3: Multi-Loop Intersects
Page-4: Bad Tie-ins
Details of Finding Blunders
Hints For Locating Blunders
Difficult Blunder Cases
Printing and Saving Blunder Information
Testing The Blunder Features
Setting Base Locations
Shots With No Tie-In
Disk Errors
Memory Errors
Abort Errors
Zero Length Loop
Uncloseable Loop
Unable To Open Error
Windows Errors
Program Bugs
Link Errors
Trouble Shooting
General Options
Compiling With Flags
Using Instrument Correction Factors
Back Sight Averaging
Uncertainty Settings
Declination Settings
Compile Options
Purging The Suspend Buffer
Using CLP Files With MAK
Using UTM Convergence
Overriding LRUD Flags
Breaking Survey Loops
Post Processing Options
Shot Flag Overrides
Close Options
Loop Closing Options
Loop Flag Overrides
Profile Options
Directory Setup
Saving Setings
The Compiler
Compiler Overview
Origin Shots
Normal Shots
Hanging Shots
Using The Cave Survey Compiler
Compiler Progress
Loop Closer
Using The Loop Closer
Close Progress Display
Loops With Fixed Stations
Loop Closing Theory
How The Loop Closer Work
Loop Closing Myths
Measuring Loop Quality
Importing And Exporting Projects
Importing An SEF File
SEF Import Options
The SEF Import Window
SEF Import Errors And Warning Messages
Dealing With Imported Files
SEF Import Issues
Exporting An SEF File
SEF ExporT Issues
Importing CMAP Files
Importing Pocket Topo Files
Spreadsheet Export
Spreadsheet Import
COMPASS Programs And Files
Survey Editor
The Viewer
Accessory Programs
Large Files and Windows Memory
Technical Details
Windows Configuration
Version Numbers
Project File Format
Project Format - File List
Project Format - Fixed Station
Project Format - Linking
Base Location
Differences From The DOS Version
Combing Files
Geographic Reference Systems
Local Reference Systems
Geographic Measurements
Geographic Editor/Calculator
Geographic Calculator Overivew
Magnetic Declination
Page-1 - UTM/Longitude/Latitude
Page-1 - Declination
Page-2 - Map
Declination and Convergence